Verbal Medicine, The Language of Healing.

Co-written by

Marc Sacco, RN, BCH, OB

Roger Woods, RN, BCH, CI, OB

Verbal Medicine™ is the language of healing. It is the positive communication between the mind, the body, and the spirit. It is the best practice of the integration of healthcare, hypnosis, and NLP. Patients are highly receptive to suggestions and we need to watch what we say because each and every word we use can either help or hinder the patient’s response and recovery. Verbal Medicine™ fundamentally shifts how we provide care by changing the perception, reaction, and results of our patient’s experience while enhancing and rejuvenating the provider. Verbal Medicine™ changes what we say, how we say things, and when we say things to elicit positive results and become Better at the Bedside™.

In this book, you’ll learn to:

● Relax yourself and your patients deeper

● Renew and Rejuvenate your career

● Re-Emerge and Re-Engage to become Better at the Bedside™

The Patient Whisperers™ was founded by Marc Sacco, RN, CRNH, BCH, OB and Roger Woods, RN, CRNH, BCH, CI, OB who are known as tireless advocates for their patients and are on a mission to enlighten both the medical world and their clients about the phenomenal advantages of integrating Complementary Medicine into the current practice of “modern” medicine.

Together, they have developed several groundbreaking programs to bring Mind/Body Medicine into the mainstream including Verbal Medicine™, Verbal SWAT™, VerbalRescue™, MyndBodyGym™, and the CRNH™ nursing credential project.

“People who write interesting books are not uncommon. Those who not only do so but superbly practice what they preach are persons who should be listened to and read!”

—Col H. Larry Elman, USAF Ret’d, CH, CI(Son of Dave Elman)